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The  Refugee Women’s Centre is run entirely by volunteers and funded via donations. We are only able to continue supporting these resilient, courageous communities with your generosity.

The four main ways to support us are:


Do you have  skills to share & time to dedicate?


Whether its goods, private funds or fundraising

on our behalf, find out how

POLitical Pressure

Generating political

 pressure is crucial

to ending this

humanitarian crisis. We share all projects we are part of on our Social Media, check out our latest posts to learn more.

Share our work

Help us raise awareness by sharing our call outs & latest news.

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Whatever currency you are donating in please consider setting up a monthly donation. Regular donations allow us to anticipate our income and better focus our small team of volunteers on direction action and providing stable support. Set up a monthly payment in GBP, EUR or USD by clicking 'donate'. 


a month

can provide a sleeping bag to keep someone warm


a month

can provide nappies and milk to a newborn for one week


a month

can cover one night's accomodation


Want to run a fundraising event on our behalf?
Can you run a collection drive for items in your local area?

Do you have media or fundraising expertise you can share? 

Please fill in the form to get in touch, we would be very happy to hear from you!


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The Refugee Women's Centre
is committed to supporting displaced women and families living without shelter in northern France.

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Support us

There are many ways to support our work, you can find more information here on how to donate and volunteer with us.