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Why Become A Member of Refugee Women's Centre?

By becoming a member of the Refugee Women's Centre, you are committing to upholding our values and safeguarding practices. Membership is open to everyone, and mandatory for incoming volunteers. Each member is a strength of the organisation, and is contributing to us being able to:

  • Commit to creating a safer space for migrant women and families, providing them with the means to live with dignity through our material distributions, psychosocial activities and advocacy work.

  • Continue to work towards sustainable solutions to the situation on the France-UK border, by advocating for access to shelters and for other human rights to be met.

  • Promote the wellbeing of those we work with, and take an active role in safeguarding the community.

  • Create a culture of support, compassion and understanding within the team, the community and with our partners.

  • Grow and develop as an organisation by adding your voice, knowledge, expertise, skills and good practice to our network of members.


We are delighted that you have or are considering to become a member of the Refugee Women’s Centre! As a member of the Refugee Women's Centre, you are required to abide by our Members Charter. These guidelines seek to guard our standards of behaviour, and maintain the high standards of impact to which we aspire to as an organisation. Failure to comply with the Members Charter can lead to the immediate termination of your membership.


RWC MISSION STATEMENT: To provide holistic support for migrant women and families living without shelter in informal outdoor settlements, or in surrounding accommodation centres across northern France. We are committed to creating safer spaces for women and children, providing them with the means to live with dignity, and advocating for access to shelter and for other human rights to be met.


As an official Refugee Women’s Centre member you are agreeing to commit to upholding and maintaining the following  standards at all times:


  • Maintain a high level of professionalism in all relationships and interactions with those we support, RWC members and other members of the community. You must offer support whilst still respecting the necessary professional boundaries and the remits of your role, as a member, in order to reduce the potential for harm.

  • Support and uphold RWC’s mission as stated above and our core values of dignity, cooperation, generosity, curiosity and empowerment.

  • Share your knowledge, expertise, skills and good practice to support the growth and development of RWC and our services.

  • Commit to continuous learning to ensure a current or up-to-date understanding of RWC’s work and the situation on the ground for displaced communities. 

  • Play an active role in our network and share your ideas to build a stronger RWC community. This includes active participation in the Annual General Meeting (AGM), should you choose to attend. 

  • As a member, you must act with integrity and treat everyone with dignity and respect. Any conduct that is reported/seen to be degrading, discriminatory or harmful to those we support, those who support the organisation, other RWC members, the organisation as a whole, or the general public will not be tolerated.

  • Engage with other members constructively and with respect. Be alert to, and manage openly and collaboratively, any conflicts of interest between yourself and other RWC members. 

  • Members should not make or publish remarks, on social media or other platforms, that appear to be on behalf of RWC, without the informed consent of RWC’s Executive Board.

  • Ensure that you have gained consent for the use of any resources, content or ideas from other RWC members, and make sure these sources are given appropriate credit.

  • If members have any suggestions, concerns or complaints please seek support or guidance from the Executive Board or other actors if required.

  • For safeguarding purposes, RWC members are not automatically permitted to participate as a volunteer or granted access to the field or the communities we support . If members wish to volunteer on the ground they must undertake the volunteer application process.


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​By becoming a RWC member, you are required to abide by our Members Charter. RWC can terminate a membership at any time, if members fail to comply with our Members Charter.


After reading the members charter, click 'Become A Member' button which will take you through a short form.


Members will be invited to our AGM and will have the opportunity to support the growth and development of RWC . Membership is €10 for 1 year and is automatically renewed each year, with an option to cancel.


It is mandatory for incoming volunteers to become members as it will cover insurance for volunteer activities on the ground. However, membership to the RWC family is open to everyone!


If you encounter any issues filling out the form, with payment, or for cancellation requests please email

We are eternally grateful for your support and commitment to RWC, we look forward to welcoming you!

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