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Womens Centre Fire

The Women Centre caught fire between 4 and 5am, on the night between Friday 6th and Saturday 7th of January. The female refugees who use the centre and the volunteers who operate it were devastated to hear the news on the Saturday morning. Several volunteers with experience in firefighting have observed that the seating area was ignited, whilst the central wood burner and cooking hobs were left intact. The damages are significant, and have affected most of the Women Centre. The centre has been, since then and to this day, entirely inoperable. As the causes for the fire remain unknown, an investigation is on-going. In the absence of a formal centre to provide a warm, dry, and safe space for female refugees, the Women Centre team has been kindly supported by other organisations working in the camp of la Liniere, to temporarily make available a room for women and to distribute hygiene products. Our priority is, and remains, to accommodate the families in the camp. To that end, a dedicated centre is vital. We are urgently working on it with Refugee Community Kitchen and the city hall of Grande Synthe. Thanks to all those who helped!

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