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1# Voices from the camp.

Pam comes regularly to the Women's Centre armed with scissors, hair dyes, shampoo and conditioner to run a mini salon in the Centre. Women and girls book sessions with her and leave with shining hair and the joy we all feel when we look good.

Pam who learnt the trade from her Mum who ran a Hairdressing salon in the U.K, is a very warm and wonderful person. Here is a reflection from her time in the camp:

Pam in action dying hair.

"When I first arrived in camp it was an anxious time, I had no idea what to expect - drafted in to cut hair, yet how to do it with no proper resources and no common language? And who, would have time to help me, find my feet... but here the world is turned on its head, things happen quickly, friendships arise, everyone is alert to others needs. And so I find myself mothered by two beautiful German volunteers half my age whilst being taken shyly into the hearts of the women I have supposedly come to help. If I wish anything it would be to tell them all thank-you. To have them understand how grateful I am and how strengthened. That their support of me, amidst their own time of much need, that these common bonds of uncertainty and vulnerability are what draw women together the world over. Always."

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