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Gun shots during Women's Centre Interview for CGTN

Katie & Maja long term volunteers Womens Centre

Katie joined the Women's Centre team for one month from the USA. She brought her energy, patience and experience, to the camp. She previously had worked with refugees in her hometown of Atlanta. Now back in the USA, she reflects on a particularly stressful day on camp captured by CGTN media on the 8th March:

'It was a normal day of rowdy kids and gossip around the hot stove. After we had closed the center, there were two shots fired causing a major stir. Large crowds of people were gathering around to see what was going on when I went outside to see a group of men fighting in close proximity to the Children’s center. We opened the Women’s Center back up to ensure all volunteers, women, children were safe. After, the French police came to secure the area around the conflict and I went to the Children’s Center to make sure everyone was okay. At this moment , no one from camp security nor management, had responded to the calls of the Children center volunteers or to even check on them. It took several calls to get any guidance on the situation or on how to proceed.'

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