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Emergency funds needed after devastating fire at Dunkirk Camp.

Photograph: P. Huguen

A fire broke out last night, Monday the 10th April in the camp. What is known, at this time, is that most of the area of the camp has been destroyed. Everyone has been evacuated during the night, with roughly 700 people relocated to sports complexes. Emergency teams have been, since there, gathering and distributing food and blankets, while waiting for the solution that French authorities will propose.

Although the Women’s Centre is still standing, untouched by the flames, most shelters have been destroyed and the camp is no longer accessible, and thus women and other vulnerable people no longer have a living space. At the moment, the priority of our team is to contribute to the material needs.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time we are facing a point of crisis, due to a large-scale fire. With our sad experience of rebuilding after a fire, which happened already in January, we are now launching an emergency fundraising, which will be necessary for urgent material needs.

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Photograph: Pascal Rossignol/Reuters

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