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Camp Closure: Refugee Women’s Centre goes Mobile

Photograph: Pascal Rossignol/Reuters

We Urgently need a vehicle. Help us get one asap!

Much like at Calais when the Jungle closed, the The Refugee Women’s Centre must adapt and adapt quickly. The issue does not disappear, people just disperse. Help us to continue to support the residents of the Camp, to do this the Women’s Centre need a vehicle and needs one fast.

Do you have a car, motor home or van that you are able to donate or long term loan? Are you able to donate money directly to so Women’s Centre can buy and maintain a Vehicle?

Since the Fire on Monday the 10th April, the official camp has shut down and access has been denied to organization and to camp residents. The camp residents are being housed in 4 gym halls in Grande Synthe, as of Thursday 13th April, a gym hall has been emptied and more are planned today. The residents are being transported on official buses to "Reception and Orientation Centres" (Centre d'acceuil et orientation, CAO) where they can reflect on what they want to do next. However many residents remain near Dunkirk with the desire to be reunified with their family in the UK. There are at least 600 camp members are unaccounted for in the halls and an informal site for roughly 300 people has been set up in open space less than a kilometer from the camp. Many others are sheltering in the woods in and around the closed offical camp.

Whilst we no longer have access to the Women Centre physical space on site are role is by no means over, there are still women, children, families and vulnerable people who need support.

Since the fire the one of the hardest things for the volunteers on the ground to do is to be able to be in the right place to support those whom we have built relationship with and know their needs.

Please help us now by directly donating here

If you believe you have a vehicle for us email us at with the subject line Vehicle.

***Donations Update***

Currently the Women's Centre are not accepting more donations of products simply due to space. With the exception of Sim cards with at least 5€ credit ( ideally 20€ ) and powerbanks for phone recharging.This may change over the next weeks but for now we would love you to redirect donations to Help for Refugees and L'Auberge des Migrants who urgently need tents, sleeping bags and blankets.

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