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Women's Centre fundraising joy!

Our supporters are fantastic ! This month is filled with fundraising events on behalf of the Women's Centre. In the midst of much destruction we are happy there is a little joy:

1- Want to make a move for refugees? Do so in music and in London during the fundraising gig by Out of Limbo at The Magic Garden ! Jazz, Soul, Funk and RnB on the programme.

2- Want to learn more about what we do? Come to an event hosted by Calais Action - Brighton and bring along some goods to donate:

3- Do you enjoy cycling and creativity? Check out the campaign from Glittasphyxia who will be cycling this month in a fabulous homemade diva attire, 250 miles Holyhead to Cardiff.

Has this given you new ideas about ways to help us ? Get in touch to tell us about your creative fundraising ideas! We'd love to hear about it.

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