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Positive People Power: Litter Pick in the Dunkirk Jungle

Womens Centre Team have ray of positivity and energy in very tough week in the Dunkirk Jungle.

Yesterday the Women's Centre team harnessed some positive energy and worked alongside residents of the Jungle to do a litter pick. They collected over 20 bags of rubbish, completing the job the authorities claimed they came to do two days earlier.

On Thursday 13th July the Women's Centre Team arrived on site to find the road blocked by police. They were informed it was because the authorities were doing a litter pick as the local residents were complaining about the rubbish in this natural beauty spot.

However, what they took was people's shelter, food and clothing leaving the trails of rubbish behind. Whilst mostly peaceful, they showed little mercy as they took with them everything from baby milk to nappies, children’s toys and clothing as well as tents and blankets.

This was the second eviction in a week after a relatively quiet period in the Dunkirk Jungle. This has been stretching the resources of the Women's Centre and other organisations working on the ground.

Thank You For Your Continued Support!

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