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Mobile Women's Centre Vehicle - First Weekend in Dunkirk Jungle!

Thank you to all those who have been supporting us over the last months. The Women's Centre team are happy to announce that we had our first weekend with our mobile centre in Dunkirk!

It has been a group effort to get to this point but we are happy to once again be able to offer the only specially focused women and family space and resource.

The mobile centre would not have been made possible without the amazing support of Donate4Refugees which is very much appreciated. We also want to say a special thanks to all those individuals who have donated funds, given their time and energy to running fundraising events and shared our posts!

We hope you continue to support us so we can keep supporting women and families.

❤️ Also special thanks to Shelley from the Women's Centre team for making it happen practically. ❤️

Here is Shelley's update on the first days:

"We have made many cups of tea and coffee, washed hands, provided respite for tired families, distributed emergency supplies to five families and provided a safe space for an autistic child. We have the van in action in Calais and Dunkirk where it is proving its versatility. Every day is different but with the van we hope we can be a point of reliability, consistency and safety for women on this part of their scary, confusing journey.

What is unexpected is how we can use it in Calais where the number of young, single women is increasing - but still very much outnumbered by men. We work with Auberge and Utopia during their distributions to offer a space, away from the men's queues, for women.

In Dunkirk it is far more family based and the women appreciate being able to sit in a clean space with some normality for a little while, e.g. doing their nails or make up. There are many more children now in Dunkirk ...that's another pressure altogether and so we are running activities from the van!"

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