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A Glimpse of Summer Fun Whilst Preparing for Winter: Women's Mobile Centre's First Month

The Refugee Women's Mobile Centre van has now been functioning on the ground for almost a month! We are happy to announce we have been able to offer women, children and families a touch of respite, running activities such as English lessons, doing henna, providing colouring books for children and giving space for women to gather, breathe, and crucially, drink tea together! The children were gleeful at the chance to paint and colour - simple activities which have been beyond their reach.

It is so important for us that the van not only allows us to continue to distribute supplies, but equally importantly, that the Women's Centre are able to offer a focused point for women to relax and socialise for the first time since the camp closure in April. The Women's Centre van is currently offering support 4 days a week in the Dunkirk Jungle, and an extra 1 day a week in Calais, where it has become a vital resource for the distribution of supplies to women and families since the ban on assisting refugees was lifted.

Whilst we are happy to be able to offer more support, the heavy rain during Monday night's storm exposed the harsh reality of living without any real shelter or protection. Tents, blankets and possessions were soaked through. This is a well-timed reminder that summer is drawing to a close with the colder and more unpredictable weather of Autumn to come. We are now trying to gather supplies to help the refugees make it through the changes in weather. The items we especially need are tents & sleeping bags! We have a full list of donations attached here with details of when and where to deliver.

We continue to reply on your generous support to keep supporting these women and families.

Thank you for your solidarity.

Peace & Love

Women's Centre Team

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