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Thank you to RCK for Women's Centre Rebuild.

Women’s Centre Re-Opening On the 7th January 2017 we had the awful news that the Womens Centre in the Grande Synthe Refugee Camp was gutted by a fire. Refugee Community Kitchen came down to the camp to see the devastation caused and had a meeting with Dunkirk / Dunkerque Refugee Women's Centre and straight away agreed that the Centre must be rebuilt as soon as possible. We had meetings with the Mayors office and called on the super team of Finn Kay, Rob Crook who along with R.C.K designed and built the centre in March 2016. With a few design tweaks worked out with The Womens Centre team new Plans were submitted to the Mayors office and once we had permission to repair, the team started full steam ahead to get the centre up and running as quickly as possible. The Build is now complete and we are very happy that the centre is now being handed back to The Womens Centre team to give back a safe space and distribution to the women of the camp. None of this would have been possible without the amazing response we had from the build team and to the many groups pledging their support in materials and funding. R.C.K and The Women’s Centre would like to send a massive thanks to: All of the wonderful individual people supporting us with their continued volunteering, donations and emotional support. The Amazing Build Team Finn Kay, Rob Crook, Matt Curtis, David Onthewayeast, Alan Mitchell, Sam Jones, Janie Mac, will Thomson, Steve Hyslop, Dirk Vanreusel, Alex Fry, George Brown, Henry Brown, Benji Sowter, Lally Mergler, Tom Keeling, Columba Keeling, Phill Parsley, Alex Chalcraft, Robyn Glass, Rosie Zallik Whitman, Laurel Poloway, Josh Cox, Alan Vance, Dan Shillabeer, Richard Corrall, Martin Capuano, Tom Mattey, Gwarm Ination, Epifany Echegoyen, Quentin Johns, Tom Whitehead if i have missed any please do let me know and i will add you in.. The wonderful NGO’s and Org’s for their material and financial support Mayors office Grande Synthe L'auberge des migrants international, Building Support through Shelter, LUSH UK, LDS Charities, Brighton Shelter Build Project, Care4Humanity, Carry The Future, Dunkirk Adult Learning Centre Please continue supporting R.C.K and The Womens Centre so we can continue to support those in need. Thank You

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