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Urgent Phone Credit For Refugees!!

Now that the camp is gone people are unable to easily access shelter and protection, so being able to contact family and friends is ridiculously important. There are vulnerable people relying on top ups TODAY. Let's get them sorted ASAP! Big respect for Jim and everyone at Phone Credit for Refugees for the incredible work! 📱💸🤘🏼

Contact 'Jim Phonecredit' via facebook if you can support with vouchers, or share share and share some more if you can't.

Here is the facebook link:

Urgent call out from Jim Phonecredit

We have completely run out of three vouchers!!! 😲😲

We normally manage hold some back so we can top up the most vulnerable quickly.

I have a female living on the streets in Calais that has been waiting a while and I'd love to get her sorted today. 😊

If anyone could donate a £20 voucher or two today to give us some breathing space till our next batch is delivered that would be amazing!

💌 A moment of gratitude 💌

We thank, from the bottom of our hearts, Phone Credit For Refugees

Thanks to them, most women who come to the Centre can have phone credit in order to communicate with their close ones. The Women’s Centre collects SIM cards (especially from Three), preferably activated with some starting credit, which we then distribute to those who need them. Following this, those living in the camp can ask, when they need it and credit to be added directly to their accounts.

Without their help, it would be very difficult for people who are exiled and refugees to communicate with their friends and family, which is invaluable. So, thank you.

To support them, find info on their Facebook page.

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💌 Un instant de gratitude 💌

Nous remercions, du fond du cœur, Phone Credit For Refugees

Grâce à eux, la plupart des femmes qui viennent au centre puissent avoir du crédit, afin de communiquer avec leurs proches. Le Women’s Cenre collecte des cartes SIM (surtout de la compagnie anglaise Three) débloquées afin de les distribuer aux personnes qui en ont besoin. Suite à cela, les personnes vivant camp de la Linière demandent, dès qu’ils en ont besoin, du crédit auprès de Phone Credit for Refugees.

Sans leur aide, il serait très difficile aux personnes exilées et réfugiées de communiquer avec leurs amis et famille, qui est extrêmement précieux. Donc, merci.

Pour les soutenir, les infos sont sur leur page !

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